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Soft PVC Card Holders


Badge holders are the traditional way of carrying ID and Plastic Cards, They can also be printed with a logo or a block colour fill.

Standard size card holders in stock (in image order, see right)

1. Portrait to fit 90 x 60mm insert.
2. Landscape to fit 60 x 90mm insert.
3. Portrait to fit 100 x 80mm insert.
4. Landscape to fit 80 x 100mm insert.
5. a6 Portrait to fit 148 x 105mm insert.
6. Square to fit 100 x 100mm insert.

Card Holder

Please consider paper thickness, or if you are inserting a booklet or thicker card into these ID holders you may need to allow for 1-2mm each side to compensate.

In Stock PVC Badge Holders

Image Landscape Fit 90 x 60mm Business Card Size Insert
Image Portrait Fit 60 x 90mm Business Card Size Insert
Image Portrait Fit 80 x 100mm Insert
Image Landscape Fit 80 x 100mm Insert
Image Square To Fit 100 x 100mm Insert
Image Portrait A6 To Fit 105 x 148mm Insert (single paper slips and single cards only)
A62 Portrait To Fit 115 x 160mm Insert (recommended for a6 booklets and thicker card)

Badge holders are utilised all over the world for a range of badge carrying roles including security, nursing, medical facilities and educational facilities. Student ID's are carried using badge holders and sometimes PVC card wallets.

Police now use Badge holders for carrying their police ID cards, and details. Sales people are required to show their ID when selling products for security purpose so that people are not being defrauded.

Badge holders are a hugely used item, they can also be used for Disabled parking permits, car registration stickers and other information needed to be displayed without being taped or stuck onto a window.

Badge holders can be printed with a logo or details, they are also available with a colour coded strip at the top for identifying various levels of security clearance.

Badge holders are available on overnight delivery anywhere on the east coast of Australia, anywhere else is 3 day delivery.

Badge holders can be custom manufactured to the clients requirements within 5 days of ordering.



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