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Premium Stock Lanyards


Lanyards per pack: 10 units

When we say 24 hour lanyards we mean it!

We have over a million stock lanyards in our warehouse for same day dispatch right to your door. Available in a variety of colours to suit your brand or conference theme. So don't delay just request a quote to your right or give us a call now to arrange a fast lanyard dispatch.

If you have a little more time up your sleeve we can manufacture plain unprinted lanyards in any colour you require with a variety of clips and fittings that can be customised too! For example if you require a lan04 instead of the standard lan01 then we can add this and have your lanyards delivered in 3 days! add 2 days for a custom colour matching. *charges may apply, contact us for a quote.

Stock Lanyard Levels & Colour Availability

Stock Lanyard Levels

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Optional fittings (allow +2days production time, charges may apply)

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When we say "Premium", we mean it! If time is rolling fast and you need some batches of high quality stock lanyards delivered at your door within 24 hours, this is the product which will come to your rescue. Made up of high grade nylon material, this product carries spell binding looks along with its features. The dog clip hardware fitting attached to the lanyard ensures that the ID's or badges will not get lost even in the most crowded events, additionally these lanyards feature a safety breakaway buckle at the ends for quick release in the case of an emergency. With a multitude of colours available for this product, you can order a specific shade which would match to the theme or dress code of your event. The metal clamp placed just before the dog clip ensures that your lanyards and the attachments will stay in a firm position when in use.

If you have a little more time up your sleeve, you can have these lanyards customised by selecting appropriate clips and fittings from the options we provide you. You will be amazed to see the quality of lanyards delivered to you within such short span of time, thanks to our manufacturers and designers who chose a high quality material for creating these premium lanyards. These lanyards are not only meant for quick delivery, but they can also be decorated and imprinted with promotional information and graphics like all other lanyards in our inventory. Grab these premium stock lanyards without thinking twice for next day delivery at your door.



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