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Power Bank Accessories

A Complete Range of Power Bank Compatible Gadgets

We have put together a range of customised promotional gifts designed to work with our custom power bank collection. Simply plug them in and you have a rechargeable battery powered USB device. Give these great promotional items to your staff or clients to create an incentive gift that will last for years.

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  • Smart Watch-20

    Smart Watch

    Minimum Order Qty: 25 The Smart Watch is a high quality option for ...
  • 4 Way Sync Cable-20

    4 Way Sync Cable

    Minimum Order Qty: 500 Awesome 4 port USB charging adaptor. Takes a...
  • Gumbite Spinni-20

    Gumbite Spinni

    Minimum Order Qty: 250 Units Designed to accommodate and conceal ex...

  • Mini USB Fan-20

    Mini USB Fan

    Minimum Order Qty: 100 units Keep yourself cool at work or home wit...
  • Promo Orbit Speaker-20

    Promo Orbit Speaker

    Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Units Supports all bluetooth devices us...
  • USB LED Book Lights-20

    USB LED Book Lights

    Minimum Order Qty: 100 Awesome little laptop or keyboard reading li...

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