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If you are running an event you want to find a way to truly reward podium finishers. A true customised medal will be hanging in someones trophy cabinet for years to come. You want your event to appear in a way that will be appreciated by the people attending so they are more likely to pay attention and re-enter next year. If you are sponsoring a sporting event, offering to provide the sporting medals that will be given away can be a great way to add your branding to the event. You can make this a subtle gesture or include a full logo on the medal to make a more drastic statement.

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Medals are not just for sporting events

Investing in customised custom medallions can also make a great prop if your company regularly has bonding activities such as company picnics. Offer medals to the winners of events or create a promotional activity amongst coworkers that can boost company moral and add a bit of fun to your company culture. When you offer your employees something a bit different such as a medal to promote your business it is much more likely to be appreciated than a basic business card or promotional kit that does not have much potential outside of a marketing campaign. Medals can make for fun mementos or a great toy that employees can take home to their children or encourage their children to get involved with company activities which make for more of an opportunity to bond.

Completely custom made to your specifications

Our medals can be cast or die cut which will allow you to create any shape you desire for your prize. This also opens up any potential branding designs that you would like to take advantage of for your event. The design for your logo can be any size which opens up more possibilities for creating different medals for events or placement. You can also add customised ribbons to each medal for similar differentiation. Your ribbon can include print if you would like to add branding to your product that way.

Colour etching and vibrant print effects are available

Adding colour to your medal can make it more interesting and easy to grab attention. You can make the medal match the theme of the event or add some branding which would easily make it recognisable as part of your company’s marketing campaign. The medals are filled with a soft enamel ink which will create a bright colour that is likely to last for a long period of time. They are then covered with a clear epoxy resin to help protect the medal from damage. A variety of coatings and finishes are available so you can create the perfect look for your event.

Wholesale prices that cannot be beaten in Australia

These medals are available in bulk ordering which is perfect for those that are planning a large event. You will be able to get enough medals for everyone to feel like a winner, which is particularly important if you are planning an event that will involve a variety of different age groups that would want to take home a prize. This is also perfect for annual events that will require a lot of supplies.

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