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Custom Made Lanyards

Make a Lanyard to any specification

That's right, we make any lanyard to any specification. And we do it faster, cheaper and better than anyone else in Australia. If you are looking for a bespoke lanyard creation then browse our range below and see a very small portion of what can be created.
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  • Zipper Lanyards-20

    Zipper Lanyards

    Minimum order qty: 50 NEW to the Dynamicgift line up is the origina...
  • V-Sewn Lanyards-20

    V-Sewn Lanyards

    Minimum order qty: 50 V Sewn lanyards are excellent for when someth...
  • LED Lanyards-20

    LED Lanyards

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 LED Lanyards are the hottest promotional item...

  • USB Lanyards-20

    USB Lanyards

    Minimum Order: 50 UnitsA fully customised promotional lanyard fitted...
  • Duoflex PVC Lanyards-20

    Duoflex PVC Lanyards

    Minimum order qty: 250 Duoflex Lanyards with a fully bespoke PVC se...
  • Wide Tubular Lanyards-20

    Wide Tubular Lanyards

    Minimum order qty: 50 Wide tube lanyards are super comfortable and ...

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