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Heavy Twill Lanyards

Printed Lanyards

Minimum order qty: 50

Heavy duty twill lanyards can be printed or woven and have an almost tubular construction. Recommended for a premium look and feel these lanyards can be matched to any array of colours and weave types.

In stock material colours

Choose one of these stock material colours. Available and ready to be printed at no extra cost.

In Stock lanyard colours

Or for an additional $40 have your lanyards dyed to any colour from our pantone chart of over 800 colours.

Print colours available

Print Colours

Material widths available

Lanyard Widths

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Lanyard fittings available

Lanyards now come with a range of different fittings in addition to the standard range of fittings.

Lanyard Fittings

Further info

Twill is an extremely durable and heavy duty textile weave and to showcase its use in the most formidable manner, we have designed these Heavy Twill Lanyards. These lanyards feature a wide cord attached to a dog clip, bifurcated with a short release clip for safety measures. Made specifically for heavy duty industries, these lanyards are perfect for use at construction sites, plants and other field jobs. The safety release clips featured in its design ensures that the lanyard can be detached immediately from the attachment in case of an emergency.

These lanyards are can be either printed or woven with your promotional information and are recommended for a premium look and feel. We offer a wide array of colours and weave types for customizing this lanyard according to your needs. The tubular construction of its material ensures  its capability to handle weight and movements. An ideal product for carrying power tools and other hand held equipment at heavy duty establishments.

You can choose the material widths for customizing the lanyards from a series for six different options, with the main attraction being the availability of colour fittings. This product has been tested rigorously for its durability and quality, and all you have to care about is decorating and customizing this product according to your needs. Possibilities for using and decorating this product are endless, however, it all depends upon your imagination. Overall, this no doubt a perfect promotional item for giveaways and brand advertising, as well as for in house usage.



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