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We have a big range of promotional golf items & corporate golfing gifts. Just have a scan below at some of our promotional golf items from Srixon branded golf balls to completely custom molded golf divots and towels for hooking to your golf bag. With custom branding available on all of our products you can rest assured that your company branding & information will stay in the hands of the recipient for years to come. Browse golf promo items below and reach out to us for a free quote & virtual sample.
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  • Corporate Golf Towel-20

    Corporate Golf Towel

     Made from microfiber with anti-bacterial treatment. Towel (siz...
  • Golf Tee-20

    Golf Tee

    Wooden golf tees. ColoursWhite DimensionsDia 11mm (top) x L 55mm. ...
  • Plastic Pitch Repairer-20

    Plastic Pitch Repairer

    Low cost golf item for repairing divots. ColoursWhite DimensionsW ...

  • B Grade Golf Balls-20

    B Grade Golf Balls

    Perfect for the regular player with medium handicap. These B Grade g...
  • A Grade Golf Balls-20

    A Grade Golf Balls

    Top level quality and excellent spin make these A grade golf balls t...
  • C Grade Golf Balls-20

    C Grade Golf Balls

    Designed for the recreational or corporate golfer. These balls are p...

  • D Grade Golf Balls-20

    D Grade Golf Balls

    Larger and softer cores lead to a faster ball speed for maximum dist...
  • PGF Optima EZ Golf Ball-20

    PGF Optima EZ Golf Ball

    Optima is one of the best known and trusted golf ball brands. The Op...
  • Maxi Golf Tee-20

    Maxi Golf Tee

    Tough nylon golf tee made specifically for drivers. Has a chisel poi...

  • PGF Slammer Golf Ball-20

    PGF Slammer Golf Ball

    Has a titanium blended high energy core which produces a golf ball w...
  • Golf Tool-20

    Golf Tool

    Golf tool with ABS finish. Functions include club cleaner, divot rep...
  • Golf Towel-20

    Golf Towel

    Quality golf towel complete with eyelet and clip and sewn across top...

What are the benefits of custom branded golf gifts

Although there are numerous benefits to the use of promotional products, some business owners are reluctant to spend where it counts. Many believe these products are a waste of money that doesn’t provide a return on investment. However, a branded product should be considered an investment and be included in the company’s marketing budget. Promo products are commonly handed out at trade shows and conferences, but they are also used as prizes, client gifts, and giveaways.

Passing out gifts to potential and current customers can help improve the public’s perception of the company while increasing brand awareness. Studies show that almost 90% of people who receive promotional gifts use these products once per week, and an almost equal number retain the product for more than a year. If a business owner is still wondering why they should make the investment in promotional items, below are some benefits to consider.

Strengthening the Company’s Brand Image

People remember the brand when they receive a freebie or when they get a killer discount. If a company owner wants people to remember the business name, giving away promo products is a great way to accomplish the goal. For instance, if a person owns a golf supply store, giving away items imprinted with the company’s name will keep the business fresh in customers’ minds. The next time a buyer needs a new set of clubs, they’ll remember the company and will be more likely to buy from them because of the value added by the promotional item.

Winning Customer Loyalty

People feel happy when they’re offered something of value even if the gift is small. When a company provides extra value to its customers, those people are more likely to make a first or repeated purchase. Offering Corporate Golf Gifts can help win over indecisive customers, and it can make current buyers more loyal to the company’s brand. For instance, a golf store owner can hand out certificates for a free round of golf at a nearby course. The magic word “free” is enough to make most people happy, and it gives them a powerful reason to come back again.

Power and Affordability

Promotional items are one of business’ most powerful advertising and marketing techniques. When a company runs ads in a magazine or newspaper, the ad only runs as long as it’s paid for. When the ad is no longer running, the brand no longer receives exposure. However, when a company uses promotional products, the brand will be seen by those who use the product as well as by those with whom the owner comes into contact.

Promotional Golf Giveaways are retained for a longer period than other forms of advertising, and they have a longer and more powerful reach. If a person is a business owner, promotional products can help them carve out a niche in the market. However, they should ensure that they take the time to select the right products for the business. When a company chooses the right products, they’ll have stuff on hand that customers ask for and want.

It doesn’t really matter whether a business is nationally recognised or small and local. Promotional Golf Items are a good addition to an overall marketing strategy. When these items are utilized correctly, they have the capability to increase brand visibility, strengthen the corporate image and create loyal customers. By choosing the right promotional items and using them in the correct way, golf store owners can bring new customers in and turn visitors into buyers. Then, the customer will think of the company every time they hit the golf course or see their set of clubs.

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