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If your target audience includes people that use mobile phones, listen to music on the go with mp3 players or use a PC on a regular basis, you must try some of our promotional electronic accessories for your next marketing campaign. Manufactured to exceptionally high standards using high quality materials.

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  • Speaker bt-20

    Speaker bt

    Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Units • Play music from Bluetooth de...
  • Elastic Phone Lanyards-20

    Elastic Phone Lanyards

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 A polyester or nylon lanyard with an elastic...
  • Phone Sock Lanyard-20

    Phone Sock Lanyard

    Minimum order qty: 50Promotional phone sock comes customised in your...

  • USB i-phone Cover-20

    USB i-phone Cover

    Minimum order qty: 25 This Promotional I Phone covers are available...
  • USB Smart Stylus-20

    USB Smart Stylus

    Minimum order qty: 25 A slide out USB drive with a ipad, tablet, sm...
  • USB Mixtape Drives-20

    USB Mixtape Drives

    Minimum order qty: 25 A premium quality plastic usb drive with your...

  • TR Golf Gadget-20

    TR Golf Gadget

    Multi tool with scorer, tees, divot repairer, pen, club & spike,...
  • TR Golf Belt Clip-20

    TR Golf Belt Clip

    Clips onto your belt with velcro to hold your gloves and ball marker...
  • PVC Screen Cleaners-20

    PVC Screen Cleaners

    PVC Screen cleaners imprinted with a logo or message on one side, an...

  • Techno Headphones-20

    Techno Headphones

    Use with any standard audio device. Folding headband with deluxe pad...
  • Retractable Earbuds-20

    Retractable Earbuds

    Use with any standard audio device.  3.5mm audio jack. &nb...
  • Rebel Earbuds-20

    Rebel Earbuds

    Use with any standard audio device. Triangle-shaped plastic case wit...

  • Rockz Earbuds-20

    Rockz Earbuds

    Use with any standard audio device. Includes pouch with zippered clo...
  • Bass Headphones-20

    Bass Headphones

    Use with any standard audio device. Classic design, on-ear headphone...
  • Sound Off Earbuds & Case-20

    Sound Off Earbuds & Case

    Minimum order: 25 units Sound off earbuds & splitter with case. Thi...

  • Gumbite Spinni-20

    Gumbite Spinni

    Minimum Order Qty: 250 Units Designed to accommodate and conceal ex...
  • Gumbite Standi-20

    Gumbite Standi

    Description:Standi provides a simple, brilliant and functional place...
  • Gumbite Clippi-20

    Gumbite Clippi

    This flexible silicone holder makes it possible to temporarily hold ...

  • Gumbite Snappi-20

    Gumbite Snappi

    Snappi manages your cables in a simple and fun way by keeping your c...
  • Gumbite Dolli-20

    Gumbite Dolli

    Dolli securely mounts your phone practically anywhere leaving your h...
  • Gumbite Pulli-20

    Gumbite Pulli

    By far the fastest cable organiser in the world! The Pulli neatly wr...

  • Headphones-20


    MOQ: 100pcsMaterial: ABSSize: 17 * 16 cmStandard Imprint Method(s): ...
  • Travel Adapter with USB-20

    Travel Adapter with USB

    MOQ: 100pcsMaterial: ABSSize: 6 * 4.8 *7 cmStandard Imprint Method(s...
  • Audio Multitool-20

    Audio Multitool

    MOQ: 50pcsMaterial: PlasticSize: 8 * 2.2 * 1.8 cmStandard Imprint Me...

  • 2 Way Zipper Cable-20

    2 Way Zipper Cable

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 Units These awesome little zipper cables have...
  • Selfie Stick-20

    Selfie Stick

    Telescopic Bluetooth mono pod for taking selfie photos. Fully compat...
  • Promo Orbit Speaker-20

    Promo Orbit Speaker

    Minimum Order Quantity: 250 Units Supports all bluetooth devices us...

  • Lazy Self Stirring Mug-20

    Lazy Self Stirring Mug

    Minimum Order Qty: Awesome self stirring mug for the lazy coffee dr...
  • Mini USB Fan-20

    Mini USB Fan

    Minimum Order Qty: 100 units Keep yourself cool at work or home wit...
  • Wire Selfie Stick-20

    Wire Selfie Stick

    The Wire Selfie Stick is the perfect tool to take photos and memorie...

  • Touchscreen Gloves-20

    Touchscreen Gloves

    Description :    Soft, knit gloves with touch-screen ...
  • Travel Earbuds-20

    Travel Earbuds

    Description :    Use with any standard audio device. ...
  • Felt Phone Bag-20

    Felt Phone Bag

    Minimum order qty: 50 units Awesome felt phone protector pouch. Kee...

Each one can be personalised with your corporate logo, the name of your company or perhaps a short advertising slogan – the choice is yours. With everything from colourful microfibre cleaning cloths to stylish mp4 players, whatever your budget we have the perfect products to use as branded giveaways.

Get Your Message Across

With our high quality artwork service you can be sure that whatever gadgets you buy will feature eye-catching graphics and lettering, in the style and colours of your choice. Furthermore, this service is provided completely free of charge so you do not have to worry about spiralling costs due to design changes. We will work with you to make sure that your branded merchandise gets your message across clearly and effectively and will use Pantone charts to ensure accurate colour reproduction for all logos and other images. Don’t take a risk with your corporate gifts: work with Dynamic Gift!

Busy Executives

If you offer B2B goods and services, our USB car chargers, tablet stands and power banks make ideal gifts for busy executives who are always on the move. In addition to being genuinely useful to the recipients, these products will ensure that your company name is seen by many different people on a daily basis, thereby raising your public profile considerably. Printed with the URL of your business website, these electronic items can function as an introduction to the services and products that your organisation provides, even when they are only seen for a moment in airport lounges, train stations or other public places.

Always on Display

To make sure that the buyers with whom you deal on a regular basis always think of your company first whenever they need to place an order, present them with custom phone stands and desktop cable managers printed with your logo and contact details. Available in bulk at competitive wholesale prices, you can afford to distribute such merchandise right across Australia and help to make your company a preferred supplier in all parts of the country. Our price guarantee will ensure that you never pay over the odds when organising nationwide campaigns.

Targeting Consumers

For retail organisations that would like to raise brand awareness among local shoppers, our headphones and portable speakers for music players such as iPods are sure to be a big hit with consumers. Easily distributed at shopping malls and other retail outlets, they offer a cheap and effective way to keep your company name in the public eye at all times. As with all of our electronic goodies, they are built to last so will provide long-term exposure for a relatively small outlay; music to the ears of marketing managers and corporate accountants in all industries!

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