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  • USB Corked Jar Drive-20

    USB Corked Jar Drive

    Minimum order qty: 25 Awesome corked USB in a jar. Perfect crafty u...
  • Promo Wood YoYo-20

    Promo Wood YoYo

    Promotional wood yoyo is designed to convey a natural feel. While di...
  • USB Cork Bottle-20

    USB Cork Bottle

    Minimum order qty: 25 A Promotional cork usb available with heat st...

  • USB Wood Book Drive-20

    USB Wood Book Drive

    Eco Promotional USB Drives made from bio degradable wood materials a...
  • USB Wood Key-20

    USB Wood Key

    Printed promotional usb keys are becoming more and more popular ever...
  • USB Wood Swivel-20

    USB Wood Swivel

    Minimum Order: 25 Units Eco Promotional USB Drives made from bio de...

  • Eco iStylus Pen-20

    Eco iStylus Pen

    PRESS BUTTON And expose the ballpoint end through the end of the rub...
  • HDP USB Square Drive-20

    HDP USB Square Drive

    Minimum order qty: 25 Great capped usb drive manufactured from HD...
  • HDP Mini USB Card-20

    HDP Mini USB Card

    Minimum order qty: 25 Great capped usb drive manufactured from HD...

  • HDB USB Pill Drive-20

    HDB USB Pill Drive

    Minimum order qty: 25 Great capped usb drive manufactured from HD...
  • HDP Blocko USB-20

    HDP Blocko USB

    Minimum order qty: 25 Great capped usb drive manufactured from HD...
  • HDP USB Full Swivel-20

    HDP USB Full Swivel

    Minimum Order Qty 25 Great capped usb drive manufactured from HDP...

  • Eco Wood Rectangle-20

    Eco Wood Rectangle

    Minimum order qty: 25 Made from natural wood materials that are ava...
  • Milk Protein Fibre-20

    Milk Protein Fibre

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 The fabric is made from milk proteins which a...

There are volumes of polls and surveys suggesting that consumers care about the efforts that companies make to help the environment. This is especially true in Australia, where the headlines are charged with rallying cries regarding our limited water supply, the perils of climate change and society’s need for more renewable energy.

Dynamic Gift understands that these issues aren’t only important to private citizens. We regularly receive enquiries from clients who would like to purchase Earth friendly products that they can incorporate into marketing campaigns and free-gift promotions. Needless to say, nothing is quite as satisfying as helping our clients increase their brand awareness while doing our bit for the environment at the same time.

We worked overtime to develop cheap but practical gifts with a distinctly green edge. Here are a few examples to give you an idea of the products we’ve come up with:

  • Lanyards woven from milk-protein fibres
  • USB sticks manufactured from recycled materials
  • Notepad holders made from unbleached cardboard
  • Re-usable travel mugs

Any of the above could stand out as one of the most unique promotional gifts a person has ever received. Better yet, each can be purchased in wholesale quantities. This allows your company to project a greener image without going over budget in the process.

Gifts for CSR Initiatives

Plenty of research has been conducted on how important corporate social responsibility (CSR) is for 21st-century companies. One study found that nine out of ten consumers believe that businesses should weigh their societal impact against their own bottom-line interests. That’s a tall order in such a competitive climate, but consumers believe that the companies they buy from should be able to live up to these standards.

Ordering eco friendly products from Dynamic Gift and distributing them to valued customers is a great way to remind them that you care about the environment. Each of the gifts that we manufacture is designed to be printed with your company logo and a custom marketing message. Our product list includes wooden pens, bamboo clad notebooks and a host of other biodegradable office products. Any of these is going to be eye-catching in a sterile office environment, and could quickly become a conversation piece. When branded with information about your company, they serve as effective reminders that your company cares.

Have a look at Dynamic Gift’s range of environmentally friendly gifts and products. Many of them can be personalised and used as gifts for special occasions or rewards programmes. Likewise, most can be ordered in bulk at highly competitive price points. All provide a clear platform from which you can declare your commitment to reducing your company’s impact on the environment.

And that’s only the beginning. We also complete as much of our manufacturing as possible right here in the country. When your company purchases from Dynamic Gift, it’s also contributing to a stronger national economy. Consumers are eager to do business with conscientious companies. With our help, they’ll be able to identify you as a company that cares.

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