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Trolley Coins

Custom Printed & Engraved Trolley Coins

If you want to make sure that your branded merchandise is seen every day by your target audience, trolley coins attached to a key ring are an excellent choice. People carry their keys everywhere they go, meaning that they will see your company logo every single day. In addition, they will use the coin itself whenever they visit a local supermarket, thereby exposing your marketing images to hundreds of shoppers on a regular basis. You can decorate your coins in one to four colours or use photographic images with a translucent epoxy coating if you prefer.
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Trolley Coins Made To Order

To ensure that they can be used in the supermarkets that are located in your target area, we will manufacture the tokens to your exact specifications. Although the $2 coin is the most popular size and shape, we are more than happy to accommodate any special requests and will even help you to design the artwork that is printed on each one if you desire. If you are in a hurry to get your promotional campaign underway, our express service, which can take as little as 12 days from receipt of your order, will enable you to do so without delay.

Ahead of the Pack

As more and more supermarket chains in Australia implement a deposit system for the use of their trolleys, the opportunities for boosting your corporate profile and brand awareness with custom trolley tokens will grow exponentially. If you want to be in at the beginning, the time to act is now! Our precision tooling will ensure a perfect fit every time and high quality personalised designs will guarantee that your company enjoys a positive image among shoppers in all areas where the coins are distributed.

Long Promotional Life

Companies that are looking for marketing giveaways to provide them with long-term exposure for a reasonable cost need look no further. People will always use supermarkets and thanks to the durable nature of our tokens, they could be carrying around your brand images for many years to come. If you need a cheap and effective way to make a lasting impression on consumers in cities all over the country, we can highly recommend these products, especially at our competitive wholesale prices. If you wish to buy in bulk, we are more than happy to accommodate your order and can promise a fast turnaround.

More Than Just a Token Gesture

Your coin holder keyrings will be seen in car parks, hotels, restaurants, cafés and recreational venues across the country, not just in supermarkets. Wherever people take their keys, your corporate logo or marketing message will be on display for all to see. This makes them suitable for companies in all industries, not just those that are in the retail business themselves. For more details on the type of decorative techniques that we use and our quality artwork service, which is completely free of charge to our customers, call today and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

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