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Christmas Confectionery

Custom branded Christmas confectionery

Yummy promotional chocolates, lollies and sweets to brighten up your day at the office. Give these lollies to your staff at the office Christmas party or send out to clients or potential clients to keep your brand at the front of their minds. Brand with screen or pad print and emblazon your logo to people everywhere.
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  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Mini Candy Canes-20

    Mini Candy Canes

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksIndividually wrapped Mini Candy Canes bra...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Hot Chocolate Spoon-20

    Hot Chocolate Spoon

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 Packs Made with Belgian chocolate and complet...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Clear crackers-20

    Clear crackers

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksClear Christmas Crackers filled with choi...

  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Confectionery Bags-20

    Confectionery Bags

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksClear bags filled with your choice of con...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Picture Pops-20

    Picture Pops

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksRound 3D effect lollipops with a custom p...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Star Glass Jars-20

    Star Glass Jars

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksStar shaped glass jar and a cork stopper,...

  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Snakes 50g-20

    Snakes 50g

    Mixed coloured jelly snakes in 50g bag.
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Snakes in a can-20

    Snakes in a can

    Mixed coloured jelly snakes in a sealed tin can with an easy to open...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Mini Lolly Box-20

    Mini Lolly Box

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksMini boxes with Christmas print filled wi...

  • www.dynamicgift.com.au 2 or 4pc Gold Truffle Box-20

    2 or 4pc Gold Truffle Box

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 Packs Clear Box filled with custom printed an...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Coloured Crackers-20

    Coloured Crackers

    Minimum Order Qty: 50 PacksColoured Christmas Crackers filled with ...
  • www.dynamicgift.com.au Snakes 100g-20

    Snakes 100g

    Mixed 100 grams of coloured jelly snakes in a sealed cello bag. A gr...

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