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    Bendy Calculator

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    Jelly Bean Tin

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Whether you're sat at your desk or out on the road one tool that's always useful is a reliable calculator. They are often used dozens of times a day, and we often don't realise just how much we depend on these useful little gadgets. Here at Dynamic Gift we have a wide range of calculators available to suit different uses and styles, and all of our products can be branded and personalised to make perfect corporate gifts or to give out to your staff.

Pocket sized

If you or your clients are always on the go, writing up quotes on-site, or working in different locations, then a pocket calculator is essential to help you work out your sums along the way. We can create your pocket calculators with a flip top and rubber grip in your corporate colours, as well as customising the cover for perfect co-ordination. Items such as our Icalculator can also be customised by printing your company's name or logo underneath the display, ensuring that its seen dozens of times a day by your potential clients. These are popular in educational environments where pupils need simple, easy to use calculators, and they are great for corporate giveaways.


We have a wide range of corporate gifts that have built in calculators, meaning you can choose something practical and attention grabbing that will be used every day. Our promotional ruler calculator is a popular gift to give to office workers who love the fun, retro design, and this can be printed and branded to your exact specifications. These are great for goody bags at exhibitions and events, or can be given out when you visit your clients.

Other practical options can be added to your calculators to make them into a practical and appealing gift. Choose our revolving calculator and pen combo which is sleek and stylish, and offers two useful gifts in one pocket sized box. Our Cara calculator is also popular, with a small eight digital calculator attached to a large carabina hook, making it ideal to wear on job sites as it can clip right onto your belt loop.


It can be useful to have a larger calculator to use up to your desk, as there's less chance of it getting lost underneath piles of paperwork, and you can see the buttons much easier. We have a range of desktop calculators that are suitable to use in the office, and our combination desk clock and calculator is a popular promotional gift for executives. With a zinc alloy body it's made to the highest standards, and in addition to calculator functions it has the time, alarm functions, temperature, and many other tools that are bound to be used on a regular basis.

The more practical a corporate gift, the more likely it is to be used on a regular basis, and therefore allow you to get real value for money. Whatever sector your clients work in, a calculator can be most useful and will no doubt be taken out on a daily basis, with your logo neatly printed for the client to see.

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