4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Promotional Products

4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Promotional Products

Many large companies use branded promotional products for their marketing efforts, but smaller businesses often pass up this opportunity for branding. Don’t be fooled into thinking that promotional products are only for large organisations, because there are a number of reasons why small businesses can benefit from these marketing tools as well.

According to the statistics, 52% of people agree that they have a better impression of a company after receiving a promotional product as a gift. In many cases, up to 50% of those people will continue using the promotional item on a daily basis. By choosing the right promotional products, you can put your brand and logo in the hands of potential customers, who will remember your company every time they use that item.

Check out the benefits below

Low Cost Marketing

Are you looking for a way to reach a large number of people without spending a lot of money? Promotional products are cheap and effective, and they are the perfect solution for small businesses that have a tight marketing budget. Look for things that will give you a good “bang for your buck,” such as small items that are useful and handy to keep. Once you see the effectiveness of these promotional products, you will be able to easily leverage your investment to increase customer loyalty. These products can be used to market to current customers and keep them coming back, or you can give them away to potential customers to increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase from your company.

Bonus tip: Don’t outsource your products from an ultra cheap offshore supplier, they are liable to run off with your money and their print quality is never up to scratch. They are also on the other side of the planet so they are not governed by any regulations or laws. For more on this read our guide on avoiding low quality, cheap printed items

Associated Items

Look for branded items that are directly related to your business, because those are things that your target demographic will likely be interested in. For example, if you are a massage therapist, offer a magnet as your business card, because people can put the magnet on the fridge and have your phone number easily available for the next time they want to book an appointment. Computer repair shops can hand out some branded USB drives with their logo. Restaurants can hand out printed drink holders. Coffee shops can hand out portable coffee mugs. All of these items are geared to match the desires of each customer, and they are things that people will likely hold on to.

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Regardless of the size of your business, you need to be proactive to increase your brand recognition. By spreading awareness about your company, you can make your business stand out from the competition. One of the biggest advantages to promotional products is that these items keep your brand fresh in the minds of your customers, so they will be more inclined to think about your company when they are ready to make a purchase. Customise simple things that people use on a daily basis, and you can keep your brand and logo in the front of their mind at all times. Not to mention that giving out a little branded gift to your staff can have massive impact on staff morale and make them feel like part of the team, Christmas, new year, and other events can be the perfect time to kick your staff into the next gear with a gift. This article from Cheryl Conner about raising staff performance backs this up perfectly.

Unique and Useful Business Cards

Business cards are always going to be something that will offer a fast way to share your information with other people. But, if you are looking for a creative way to capture the attention of your target audience, then you might consider using promotional products instead. Business cards often get lost in the shuffle, so you might think about leaving a business card along with a branded promotional item. It’s not likely that a branded USB drive or a small key chain will get lost in the shuffle of papers on their desk!

Lanyards – What you need to know

If you have decided to use promotional lanyards, then listen up because we are about to break it down!

There are dozens of customisation options available, including:

  • Material used: including nylon, polyester, silk, and recycled PET.
  • Imprint method which includes silk screen, photo print and weave.
  • Clips and fittings such as trigger fittings & safety breakaway clips.
  • Other aspects such as thickness, width and length of the lanyard.

Choosing the right fitting can be the difference between a sexy lanyard that advertises your brand and increases security or a bland lanyard with a simple ID pouch on the end. You choose!

In the old days, a lanyard used to be nothing but a cord or a rope suspended around the neck, wrist or even the shoulder to carry important items. However lanyards today are also used by corporate firms and other establishments for a variety of reasons and most of those companies prefer lanyards to look awesome!

How are lanyards most popularly used?

While there are plenty of uses for these nifty carrier items, the most popular applications are:

  • ID security holder at events and expos.
  • Carrying electronic devices around the workplace or home.
  • As a promotional giveaway item for staff and clients.


An employee is likely to keep his or her ID card safely hanging around their neck so that they serve as an easy and immediate identification in a crowded event where people don’t have time to fumble about looking for a photo ID.

They can also be a keepsake, especially when it has come in use at a special event or even at holiday destinations such as Disneyland or any other professional or personal networking event.


Where are promotional lanyards used?

A promotional lanyard can certainly be used in almost any event or place, its most popular applications are:

  • At trade shows and networking events.
  • Everyday use by staff out on the road.
  • Top business and academic institutions.


A lanyard can also be used in places that deploy RFID technology as a means of identification. RFID tags simply have to be attached to a lanyard and an employee or staff can move around secure zones within an organisation.

Next up. We’ll talk about the making of lanyards and how they are produced.


How are they made?

If you are hunting around for lanyards then it is always good to find a manufacturer who can give you a huge degree of customisation.

For instance, a true provider can usually deliver a fast turnaround if your event is fast approaching. They can also produce using materials such as nylon, polyester or other synthetic materials, denim, nylon and even reflective material.


The choice of material all depends on the purpose or the use of the lanyard & if you need a lanyard for the security personnel who operate the night shift, it may be an extremely good idea for you to go with a reflective lanyard to avoid safety risk.


Length and material width are also important, There are certain widths usually kept in stock and more often than not, you will find lanyards range from 5mm right up to 30mm in width. With these wider styles being excellent for complicated logos and even photographic images if using dye sublimation print. The most popular widths are 15 and 20mm.


The length of the lanyard is usually 900mm as standard however this can be modified based on your specific requirements. Usually according to the object that it is supposed to be carrying. You also need to pay attention to the various attachments and clips. For instance, a glossy metallic clip may result in a more stylish appearance as far as a lanyard is concerned. Or for a modern grunge look try anodised black or gunmetal finishes.

Dynamic Gift offer a monstrous range of lanyards and customisation options. If your looking for someone to design and execute your lanyard project with the minimum of effort required by you. I recommend popping on over to our Lanyards page and talking to us about pricing and customisation options.


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