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Kader boot co

Kader Boot Co is using OUR Marquees!

WHOO! Check out this awesome flyover video of one of our 3x6 Printed Marquees being used for promotion by Kader ...
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Promo Products

4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Promotional Products

4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Promotional Products Many large companies use branded promotional products for their marketing efforts, but ...
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Tait Walkie Talkie

Tait PVC USB – our process

The team at Dynamic were lucky enough to be asked to produce a special one off order of customised PVC ...
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Lanyards – What you need to know

If you have decided to use promotional lanyards, then listen up because we are about to break it down! There ...
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Check this mega branding package for Newcastle Permanent

WHOA check out this massive brand bundle we just did for the Newcastle Permenent Building Society ...
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Why cheap online printing wrecks your brand

A business card that people can't read. A lanyard with the print stitched through it, wristbands that the print has ...
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Mercedes Benz Power Banks

Power banks! The gift for staff on the go

It can be very frustrating to be at work or running errands, and find that your phone is almost dead ...
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T Shirt printing explained

T-Shirt Printing Explained

How T-Shirts are Printed The process used for screen printing on t-shirts or other articles of clothing has evolved over ...
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T-Shirt Showdown

Product Showdown! Printed T Shirt vs. V-Neck T Shirt

Thanks for the click. Interested in T shirts? Great. Dynamic Gift has another edition of our super entertaining and informative ...
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Power Banks

Product Showdown! Slimline Power Bank vs Cylinder Style Power Bank

Congratulations on finding this page. You've done well to come this far - how about you stick around and take ...
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Woven Lanyards

Our Lanyard Manufacturing Facility

Check out our high volume lanyard manufacturing facility. All our material is woven and manufactured from complete scratch in our ...
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Conference Security

Important Factors to Consider for Event Identification and Security

If you are planning any type of large event, then it is important that you take time to prepare specific ...
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Silicone Wristbands

Why use printed silicone wristbands as promotional material

If anyone is planning on making a widespread promotion of the brand name, he or she should be fully aware ...
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APPA magazine

APPA Convex 2014

Did you visit the 2014 Appa Convex? If so then you would have received one these lanyards produced by us ...
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Promo Package for the NSW Government

Check out our range of products just produced for the NSW Government: Department of family & community services. Promotional drink ...
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Conference Event Items

Why use branded promotional products at your next event

When setting the budget for an event don’t underestimate the importance of promotional products. It can be easy to assume ...
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Why USB flash drives can help win business

Businesses thrive on information and need a way of storing and transporting it. Therefore, it is hard to beat a ...
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Why running a competition is an effective marketing tool

A competition is a great way for small, medium and larger businesses to reach their target audience. The impact of ...
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Why branding is important when using promotional products

In a crowded market place where profits are continually squeezed, using promotional products is an effective way to differentiate your ...
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Which promotional product trends will deliver results?

Building promotional products into your marketing strategy will deliver a high ROI as they have the ability to engage with ...
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Social Media

Using promotional products in a social media campaign

Many brands have identified the power of mixing tangible promotional products with social media to engage with their audience and ...
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How to use promotional products to boost opinion of your brand

Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing tool and have the ability to boost the perception of your brand. They ...
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How to maximise your investment in promotional products

The most cost effective way of building and shaping a brand is to use promotional products. Quite simply, nothing can ...
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How to maximise ROI when giving corporate gifts

In a crowded market place it is often difficult to elevate your brand above the competition. Giving a corporate gift ...
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Green promotional products can help boost engagement and win business

Tapping into new trends and capitalising on newsworthy items is an effective way of engaging with your audience, but be ...
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Five tips for using an event to promote your brand

If you’re struggling to find a way of differentiating your brand from the competition a promotional event can be a ...
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Five compelling reasons to invest in promotional products

The world of marketing has rapidly evolved in recent years, but there is still nothing that can compare with the ...
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