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14 in 1 Multi-function pliers

Price Beat Guarantee

MInimum Order qty: 50 units

Material: 2cr13 Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 53 x 125 x 25mm

Branding Method: Laser engrave

14 in 1 Multifunction Pliers, could you ask for anything more? keep these in the car or the top draw of your tool chest. They are available custome branded with your emblem or company details.

Give your customer or staff something they will actually hang on to for years to come.

Different tools function differently which are very essential to make work easier and faster. It is not easy to find the needed tools knowing that some of these are not accessible and available. If you are a worker, you are probably familiar with different tools needed; in which one of the very common among these are the pliers.

14 in 1 Multi-Function pliers are one of the sets of tools which are newly improved. These include screwdriver PH, awl, file, ruler, fish scaler, large knife, bottle opener, can opener, wire cutter, regular pliers, and long nose pliers. You can carry all the needed tools in just one hand which in turn allows you to have an organized way of keeping all your tools. It is very inconvenient to bring tools separately as it sometimes may cause damage on the tools. Considering that pliers are very important kind of tools, proper maintenance is fairly needed and you can do it through cleaning the tool every after use.

These 14 in 1 Multi-Function pliers come with very high quality that is why every customer can expect that their work would become convenient for them. All of these are made out of fine and high quality materials to ensure that they would last for a longer period of time. These also have a very accurate precision which is necessary to ensure that your work would always be successfully done. So, if you are looking for an all-in-one tool, do not hesitate to purchase these one of a kind 14 in 1 Multi-Function pliers and get what you are looking for.

Every customer wants satisfaction from any product that they buy so that they get what they have paid for. These 14 in 1 Multi-Function pliers would not disappoint you for they already stand the test of time. These are very easy to use so there is nothing to worry about because you will not have any hard time in using these. Handy tools like these would always give you assurance that your difficult work would seem easier for you. If you are planning to buy these set of pliers, make sure to buy from licensed dealers like Dynamic Gift Australia to avoid disappointments in the end. 

It is good to know that these 14 in 1 Multi-Function pliers are very affordable and sold in a wholesale basis, which would give you the chance to have these in no time. For corporate sectors, it is also needed to compare first the prices coming from different stores in order to save money and at the same time choose the one that has very high quality. Pliers are simple tools yet play specific and important roles. Their availability makes workers more confident that their work would not be a difficult thing to do.



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